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men's folk costumes
Admin September 18, 2022

History of men's folk costumes

Bulgarian folk costumes are a precious heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. The clothes that people wore years ago are colorful and colorful, very beautiful.


National holidays and festivities still today necessarily include folk dances in national costumes. Costumes are different in different regions of the country. Each region has its own characteristics and elements of clothing and jewelry, but the variety and bright colors make an impression everywhere.

In this article we will pay attention to the men's folk costume.


It mainly consists of a shirt, waistcoat, trousers and an embroidered belt. The cuffs and collar of the shirt are always beautifully decorated.


There are two types of men's clothing: 

  • The first - with a predominant white color - "white dress". There are two types of trousers: Benevretsi (with narrow and long, close-to-the-body legs at the bottom) and dimia (with wide and short legs).

The belt, richly decorated and dominated by red, is cinched to accentuate the waist.


There is strong evidence that this costume is of Slavic origin. It is found all over Bulgaria.


  • The second type of men's costume is "black shirt", with predominant dark colors. This clothing can definitely be called a national trend, which gained its popularity during the period of the Bulgarian Renaissance. The trousers, called poturi, are wide, with black piping. An interesting point is the common belief that the more complex and pleated the pots, the more wealthy their owner is. The outer garment has a straight cut and a long belt.

Short garments of coarse home-spun wool (vest) with or without sleeves were usually worn over the shirt. The decoration was a hat.


Shoes for both men and women are red. They were usually made of cow or pig skin. The turbans were worn over thick woolen socks in cool weather, fastened with long straps.