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Thracian folk costumes
Admin October 8, 2022

Bulgarian folk costumes are a treasure. So beautiful, so majestic, keeping within themselves the traditions and spirit of a glorious people.


Each of our 7 areas is distinguished by its costumes, made with great attention to every small detail.

Today we will talk about the Thracian folk costumes.

The Thracian folklore region covers the administrative regions of Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Haskovo, Stara Zagora, Yambol, Sliven, including the municipality of Koprivshtitsa.


The district extends to the Middle and Eastern Stara Planina in the north, in the west - to Rila and Ikhtimanska Sredna Gora, in the south - to Pirin, the Rhodope Mountains, the borders with Greece and Turkey, in the east - to the Strandzha region.

Folk costumes from this area are distinguished by a wide variety, color range, refined elements and a lot of detail.

Let's look first at the female Thracian costume:

It consists of a red cloth, which is beautifully embroidered on the edges of the skirt; a delicate white cotton shirt and an embroidered black wool apron with white lace. Some models have traditional folk embroidery and cords on the cloth and shirt.


Most often, plant ornaments are embroidered on the costume, and the most used colors are: red, white, blue, green and orange.

The Thracian male costume:

It belongs to the so-called black dress It consists of black pots with cords. A woolen waistcoat, which is red or green, with black ornaments, is mandatory. The other elements are: a white cotton shirt with red floral ornaments, a red belt and a black cap that is decorated with flowers.