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Payment methods
Admin June 24, 2019

How to order?

< strong> "pensiluet.com-Manufacturing folk costumes, school uniforms, uniforms, cheerleading costumes, dance wear, carnival costumes, stage clothes and others."


pensiluet is an electronic store that strives to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for goods and services on the Internet. For your convenience, we have tried to make all the actions of purchasing, inquiring and viewing the products we offer in the easiest and most accessible way possible for you:

  • For your peace of mind, all products are paid for by cash on delivery / payment to the courier upon receipt of the goods / payment by card / on the territory of the country and by bank transfer at your request or mandatory for delivery outside the territory of Bulgaria.
  • To have complete information when ordering a product /price of the product, price of delivery to the place of your choice/. Unless you take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING promotion when purchasing product/s worth over BGN 500.00. (in case you don't use wholesale prices).
  • You can order products at any time of the day, and products ordered after 5:00 pm will be fulfilled the next day, and products ordered on Saturday and Sunday will be fulfilled on Monday.
  • For all questions concerning you, you can contact us at the contacts left.

Getting to know the e-shop navigation

1. Cart - Here you will be shown the information about the products you have purchased. 2. ;Main Menu:

  • Pen silhouette - home of the electronic store.
  • Products - here you can view all our products.
  • Manufacturers - getting to know the manufacturers and their products with which we work.
  • Warranty - familiarization with the warranty conditions.
  • Delivery times.
  • Payment methods.
3. Contact form.

5. Product categories and subcategories - for your convenience, we have divided the store into categories and subcategories for easy navigation and product finding. 6. Online Chat - Ask your questions anytime.

  • How to purchase product/s - Choose a product from our product range.

1. Advanced Search.

2. Products - for faster navigation through categories and subcategories.

3. Manufacturers - view the products of individual manufacturers.

4. Cart.

5. Products.

1. Products - for faster navigation through categories and subcategories.

2. Subproduct Categories.

  • Product Selection


1. For more information about the product you want, click on it.

2. You can directly purchase the product from the button ADD TO CART, and using the navigation arrows to select the quantity you wish to purchase from the product.

3. Notify me! - The product is currently out of stock, by pressing the button you will register to be automatically notified when it is available and you will be able to purchase it.

Note: If you urgently need a product that is not in stock, contact us at the contact details provided so that we can expedite its delivery.< /em>

4. Additional information.

  • Product Information

1. Images of the product - to get a better idea of ​​it.

2. ADD TO CART - button to add the product to your cart.

3. Product Description.

4. Additional product information.

5. Additional product information - information about the product manufacturer, delivery times and payment method.

6. Products - for faster navigation through categories and subcategories.

  • How to purchase?

1. Cart - after choosing a product and pressing the ADD TO CART button, enter your cart to continue.

1. Trash - can be deleted from hereyou have added a product to the cart.

2. You can put a discount code in this field.

3. Next step, To checkout.

1. Fill in the windows correctly, this is your shipping address and feedback contacts. After placing an order, we will contact you for confirmation.

2. Press the Submit Registration button to continue.

1. Depending on the delivery address you have left, the amount for delivery will be automatically calculated according to the Econt Express tariff:

  • Delivery to your door - delivery to your address but with advance payment by bank transfer.
  • Delivery to the door with cash on delivery - delivery to the door and you pay the full amount of the product to the courier.

2. Forward - to move forward.

1. Here you can enter additional information about the order and view the delivery details left: delivery fee and payment method.

2. Order confirmation.

3. The final amount that you have to pay to the courier.

1. Your request has been accepted.

2. You can view your order here.

Note: We work with the courier services of Econt Express, but if you wish, contact us and we will send you the goods with a courier company of your choice.