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"Pen Siluet" was established in April 1990 in Plovdiv. Since then, the company has been the leading manufacturer of children's formal and casual clothes for kids aged from 0 to 12 years. In the course of its work during hte years, the company expanded its production with lots of additional items and accessories. The acquisition of own production bases for sewing, screen printing and embroidery are making "Pen Siluet" even more competitive in all aspects of the production process.
  At present the team of "Pen Siluet" is engaged in manufacturing and designing a huge variety of grments and accessories. All the production is focused on covering specific market needs and requirements for companies and individuals. 
 Moreover, the company is an expert in the production of Folk and Traditional costumes (Bulgarian national costumes) from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria: thracian, shopian, dobrogea, northern, rhodope and other, including: theatrical costumes, carnival costumes, historical costumes, fairy costumes, promotional costumes and branded clothing, school uniforms, suits, clothes for dancing, sexy costumes, cheerleader's costumes, clothing for restaurants and hotels, sports garments, as well as special clothing for specific events and occasions.
 The wide variety of gamrnets and accessories, produced by "Pen Siluet" is available for rent.
  For your convenience, "Pen Siluet" has a shop, where you could rent costumes, carnival and stage clothing or buy different items that are produced by the company. 
We offer also promotional bags, souvenirs, hats and other accessories. If there is a client demand, we may place logos or other signs of print and embroidery on all garments and accessories required.
Accessories for cheerleaders:
Pompoms, cheerleading snacks and other.
 Our team could offer design solutions to help you promote your products and services. We guarantee the originality and functionality of our production, meaning all our garments and accessories.
The company is working on several projects for schools, community centers, municipalities and others, with the help of the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria and the European Union (EU). They include the production of garments, such as: school uniforms, folk costumes, carnival costumes, cheerleaders's costumes, historical costumes and others.
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